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Our goals

Promote and assist development and expansion of markets for cervid livestock and products.

Saskatchewan Cervid producers

Saskatchewan, Canada has some of the world’s best farm raised genetics of deer and elk that you can find on North America soil. Saskatchewan Cervid producers’ provide products for a wide range of markets. Hunt Preserves are harvesting world record animals, some of the best venison meat you can eat is found in Saskatchewan, the elk velvet antler that is used in health products in many parts of the world has also been imported from Saskatchewan. Markets for the elk and deer are growing; and have yet to hits it full economic potential in the world’s market place. The Saskatchewan Cervid Alliance was formed by Saskatchewan cervid producers to assist in maintaining and promoting these important markets. If you’re a traveler please stop in and see what our wonderful province and superior cervid producers’ have to offer you.

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View some of our elk, reindeer and white tail deer in our gallery.


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